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The NEW STARR-LED280 Mini worklight

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New Plug & Play LED Headlight Assemblies for Commercial Trucks

Introducing four new models of Plug and Play LED Headlight assemblies for commercial trucks.  Coming this fall.  Pre-Order now and save up to 20% off dealer cost!  Dealers should have received an email with pricing details and incentives.  Please contact our sales team if you ...Read More

NEW Model 272 CHMSL LED Warning Light with Back Up Camera

Model 272 CHMSL LED Warning Light with Back Up Camera The new Model 272 CHMSL is a "Center High Mount Stop Light" with a built in back-up camera. J.W. Speaker designed the back up camera to provide wide range visibility to make trailering and backing up a ...Read More

NEW Model 777 & 793 Safety Zone Warning Lights

J.W. Speaker has upped the game on safety lighting once again with the new model 777 Arc Warning light & Model 793 Safety Zone warning light.  Available in multiple colours, these high powered LED lights project bright linear lines or arcs around work equipment & ...Read More

Model 8730 Shallow 7″ Round LED Headlamp with Advanced Optics

The new Model 8730 Shallow 7” series LED Headlights are designed to fit in vehicles that are tight on space and require a shorter depth than standard headlights.  New advanced J3 optics are incorporated into this light, providing brighter output, dual burn technology and a ...Read More

STARR ReadyFit & Evolution 4000 LED Bulb Upgrade Kits

The STARR ReadyFit LED Bulb kits are here! Pacesetter is excited to bring you the next generation of STARR LED Bulb Upgrade Kits. Introducing STARR's “ReadyFit” LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade Kit for all vehicle types. The "ReadyFit Identical Connection System" guarantees a true plug & play ...Read More

Speaker Model 8631 5.75″ LED Headlamp with turn signal

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Model 274 Oval Heated Signal Lights – 10% off initial orders up to 04/30/2019!

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STARR LED389 LED Headlamps for Peterbilt 389, 388, 367 & 567 Trucks

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Speaker Model 234 LED Heated Tail Lights

Snow and ice won’t stop this tail light. J.W. Speaker’s Model 234 are the industry’s first LED tail lights that de-ice lenses, enabling year-round use while providing superior visibility, extreme durability and unmatched longevity. Lightweight yet rugged, they are capable of withstanding 10 g’s worth of vibration. The Model 234s ...Read More