STARR ReadyFit & Evolution 4000 LED Bulb Upgrade Kits


The STARR ReadyFit LED Bulb kits are here!

Pacesetter is excited to bring you the next generation of STARR LED Bulb Upgrade Kits. Introducing STARR’s “ReadyFit” LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade Kit for all vehicle types. The “ReadyFit Identical Connection System” guarantees a true plug & play installation. This is because the new bulbs share an identical connection system to the halogen bulbs they are going to replace, meaning there is no extra wiring or modules to fit into the headlight.

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Additionally, CANbus electronics are now built-in to the bulb, eliminating most CANbus issues and the need for an external kit to solve flickering and/or dashboard error messages that occur in some vehicles. These LED bulbs have superior visibility compared to halogen headlight bulbs and an ultra long life span exceeding 30,000 hours. Available in all bulb types. Each kit comes with two bulbs and a 2 year warranty. Many models now in stock. Call or email us today with any questions.

The New Model 4000P projector-optimized LED Bulb upgrade kits

Checkout the brand new STARR “projector-optimized” Model 4000P bulb kits. The cutting edge V-shape LED chip configuration works specifically with the projector’s headlamp lens to produce the smoothest and most powerful beam pattern seen from an LED bulb. Now Available in H7 & H11 bulb base types.

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The Model 4000 Evolution High Performance LED Bulb upgrade kits

Check out the new Model 4000 Evolution. The 20% smaller bulb & driver size allows this high performance bulb upgrade to fit many more vehicle types than before. Superior light output with efficient, fanless cooling. Also available in a new bulb designed specifically to fit the newer Volkswagens.

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Download our 2020 LED Bulb Program Catalogue for more information on the complete lineup of LED Bulb kits, CANbus kits and specialty bulbs.


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