What is the Best LED Headlight Bulb for my Vehicle?
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Three problems commonly encountered with LED headlight bulb upgrade kits.

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PROBLEM #1: Some LED bulb kits are too big to fit into the vehicle’s headlight assembly. In other cases the vehicle’s headlight compartment is too small to contain the external driver module, CANbus unit and supporting wiring and connectors.  The bulkiness prevents the dust cover from being reinstalled on the back of the headlight assembly.

SOLUTION #1: STARR “ReadyFit” LEd bulb upgrade kits have the identical connection system to a halogen bulb. There is no extra wiring or external modules to fit into the headlight assembly. The CANbus electronics are built-in to the bulb base. This means they are guaranteed to fit your vehicle for a true plug & play installation!

PROBLEM #2: Some newer vehicles present CANBus error messages or flickering issues when LED bulbs are installed. This is caused by the fact that LED bulbs draw less current than halogen bulbs. The vehicle’s computer system thinks that the headlight bulb is burned out or malfunctioning, and displays an error light on the vehicle’s dashboard. The problem is confirmed by reinstalling the halogen bulbs upon which the error message goes away.

SOLUTION #2: STARR ReadyFit LED Bulbs have CANbus electronics built-in to the base of the bulb, eliminating virtually all CANbus issues. Our customers have put these into some of the most problematic vehicles: Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Acura, and more, with no CANbus issues!

PROBLEM #3: LED Bulb are failing when used in dusty work environments and off-road applications such as mining, logging, construction and motorsports. Most LED bulb kits on the market have cooling fans to keep the bulb within its operating temperature. These fans gum up with dust and stop working, causing the LED bulbs to overheat and fail before their time.

SOLUTION #3: STARR ReadyFit LED bulbs have no fans. The base of the bulb utilizes an aircraft aluminum heat sink design, with no moving parts to gum up and fail. The STARR ReadyFit LED bulbs have superior visibility compared to halogen headlight bulbs and an ultra long life span exceeding 30,000 hours. Each kit comes with two bulbs and a 2-year warranty. If they fail, we replace them, no questions asked.

The STARR ReadyFit line of LED Bulb upgrade kits come in virtually every bulb type from 9004 to 9012 and H1 to H15, including 4 models of Fog lights to fit most every bulb base type. STARR also makes an H7 and H11 projector bulb kit, optimized for vehicles with projector headlights.

For more information on the full line of STARR LED bulb upgrade kits, check out https://www.pacesetterproducts.ca/new_product/starr-led-bulb-upgrade-kits/

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